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Why We Love Book Summary By Helen Fisher

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Why We Love Book Summary By Helen Fisher

Date: 2020-06-11 08:36:13


Why We Love:

In this video of “Why We Love Book Summary by Helen Fisher” you will get a short overview of Helen Fisher’s latest book Why We Love

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When we’re in love, we feel like we’re experiencing something unique to us. We become intensely focused on our beloved, and they pervade our thoughts, dreams and actions. So are you curious to find out why love affects our brains the same way as cocaine? Do you want to understand romantic love so that you can maintain the feeling of romantic love in your relationship? Or, if you have been rejected by someone you love, do you want to know how to move on from that? Then Helen Fisher’s book “Why We Love” is perfect for you. Helen Fisher is an American biological anthropologist recognized as a leading authority on the subject of love. So without any further delay let’s see some of the smart ideas from her book “Why We Love”.

Smart idea 1: Romantic love is like cocaine
Smart idea 2: We get attracted to people different from us
Smart idea 3: We all have a unique love map
Smart idea 4: Exciting dates can increase relationship satisfaction
Smart idea 5: When you’ve been rejected, force yourself to remain active

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