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What Really Separates the Rich From the Poor

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What Really Separates the Rich From the Poor

Date: 2019-11-27 07:09:48


Motivational Video in Bengali on the topic What Really Separates the Rich From the Poor

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It’s been 2 years since two friends Bijan and Suresh had passed out from the same engineering college. Bijan is now working at XYZ company and Suresh is now a YouTuber. Bijan’s monthly salary is now 60 thousand rupees. Whereas Suresh’s monthly income is now half of Bijan’s income, that is 30 thousand rupees per month. Everyday Bijan goes to the office wearing suit-boot and tie. On the other hand, Suresh spends his whole day at his house wearing just a half pant. A few days ago Bijan has also bought his brand new car. And Suresh? Suresh travels on train or bus, or sometimes if needed he books a cab for going somewhere. For Bijan party means night club, pub and disco. But for Suresh still, party means a picnic with his friends on the rooftops or in the playground. For Bijan now tea coffee means either Starbucks or CCD, but for Suresh tea means Dinu da’s special tea in their locality. Bijan is using iphoneX and Suresh has Redmi Y2. So according to you who is richer? Bijan, yes? Because Bijan’s monthly salary is double of Suresh’s monthly earning and Bijan’s lifestyle is also more luxurious than Suresh’s lifestyle.

So if we judge considering all aspects of life,
Free time- Bijan has almost 0, Suresh has almost full
Freedom- Bijan has almost 0, Suresh has almost full
Job satisfaction- Bijan has almost 0, Suresh has almost full
Show off- Bijan has almost full, Suresh has almost 0.
So, in my opinion, a truly rich man is not the one whose monthly income is more, but the one whose income may be less but according to his income his needs are very limited, so his savings is more. If anyone has no time for his beloved once even if he badly wants to spend some time with them, then that person can never be called a rich man. One who has no time to maintain his health and well-being, who has to do the work for his whole life that he dislikes most is not at all a rich man.
That’s why I believe one whose pocket is filled with money is not truly rich but the one whose heart is filled with joy and love is really rich.
And so I would like to request you that if you also agree with me then please help to spread this awareness by sharing this video with your friends and family. So that we can live in a society with uplifted mentality and thinking.

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