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Watch This!!! To stop mind’s chatter

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Watch This!!! To stop mind’s chatter

Date: 2020-01-08 11:54:57


Motivational Video on the topic How to stop mind’s chatter motivation

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Many people want to stop the mind or stop the thinking process. It is not possible. Because more you try to control the mind, more it becomes active. So never fight with your mind. Let the mind do what it is doing. Your job is to just watch the mind passively. So just be a witness to all the thoughts going on in your mind.
One of the fundamental rule of witnessing thoughts is that you should not get identified with the thoughts. You should not judge them as good, bad or ugly thoughts. You should not take pride or feel guilty about the thoughts in your mind. Basically don’t judge them, don’t get involve with them. Instead watch them from a distance. Watch them as if they are not your thoughts and you are watching someone else mind. If you can watch your thoughts without getting identified with them then half of your problems in life won’t be there.

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