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Roti Vs Rice for Weight Loss Thyroid Pcod Diabetics IBS and IBD Piles and Colitis

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Roti Vs Rice for Weight Loss Thyroid Pcod Diabetics IBS and IBD Piles and Colitis

Date: 2020-07-16 07:00:10


Rice Vs Roti, Rice Vs Wheat and Millets. amazing combination of multigrain flours and much more in this video.

0:50 – Nutritional content of Roti and rice
1:59 – Difference between Roti and Rice
2:36 – should you eat rice or roti
2:49 – Scenario 1 – roti Vs rice for regular weight loss.
4:03- Best way to eat roti
4:28 – Multigrain flour recipes.
Millet flour recipe
Low carb/keto flour recipe
5:30 – Ways to increase the fiber and nutrient content of roti
6:00 – Quantity consumption of roti.
6:17 – What to avoid in Multigrain atta.
6:45 – Best way to eat rice during weight loss
7:30 – Resistant Starch theory to reduce 50 % calories in rice
9:08 – Scenario 2 – Roti Vs rice for Pcod / PCOS
9:36 – Scenario 3 – Roti Vs rice for Thyroid and weight loss.
10:14 – Scenario 4 – Roti Vs rice in Stuck weight loss / Weight loss plateau
11:07 – Personalized diet plan –
11:22 – Scenario 5 – Roti Vs rice for Diabetics.
12:10 – Scenario 6 – Digestive tract issues like IBS, IBD, Colitis, Piles, Constipation, and indigestion.

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