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Richard Branson Biography

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Richard Branson Biography

Date: 2019-10-30 08:00:07


Motivational Video on real life incidents of ‘Richard Branson’ biography and success story

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Having diagnosed with dyslexia the boy who used to fail in his class again and again and dew to that he had to drop out from his school at the age of 16 years only is now the owner of more than 400 companies and his net worth is now more than 35000 crore rupees. The story is of the founder of Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson.
18 July 1950 Richard Nicolas Branson was born in Blackheath in England. His father was a barrister and her mother was an air hostess and an entrepreneur. Her mother had a business of wooden tissue boxes. From his childhood Richard’s mother always wanted his son to be ready to tackle any challenge that might come in his life. So right from his childhood his mother always tried to put him in different challenging situations. For example, when Richard was just 7 years old her mother told him to deliver a thing to his grandfather’s house which was 50 miles from their house. She just packed him a few sandwiches and told him to manage water on the way. On the next day, morning Richard came back home like a champion, completing his task.

After being failed in his Christmas tree and birds selling businesses within the age of 16, Richard finally started a magazine called “student”. Within a few years, the magazine became so popular that Richard earned more than 45 lakh rupees.

Eventually, he entered into the telecommunication, rail, travel & tourism and many other businesses. His strategy was something like this, he used to start a business from scratch, makes it successful and then he moves on to the next venture. In this way, at the age of 69, he is now the owner of more than 400 companies. One of the most unique company among those is his space tourism company which he has named “Virgin Galactic”. This company is working on space tourism so that they can take passengers to a space tour and the price of each ticket will be 1.5 crore rupees.
Besides being a successful businessman Sir Richard Branson is also an adventure lover. On 1985 his first attempt in the “Virgin Atlantic Challenger” led to the boat capsizing in British waters and a rescue by RAF helicopter. In 1986, in his “Virgin Atlantic Challenger II”, with sailing expert Daniel McCarthy, he beat the record by two hours.

This man has done so many amazing deeds in his life that if I start to tell you all of them even 1 hour will not be enough for that. As he once said, “My interest in life comes from setting myself huge, apparently unachievable challenges and trying to rise above them.”

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