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Quiet Book Summary By Susan Cain

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Quiet Book Summary By Susan Cain

Date: 2020-06-18 19:06:43



In this video of “Quiet Book Summary by Susan Cain” you will get a short overview of Susan Cain’s latest book Quiet

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“Hey! You are coming to tommorow’s party, right?” “No sorry bro, I would prefer to spend time alone rather than partying with so many strangers”. “Oh common! What’s wrong with you?”
If you are a person with introvert kind of personality then probably you have to hear these words “shy, unsocial” many times in your life.

smart idea 1: Introverts and extroverts are like yin and yang

smart idea 2: Introversion and shyness are two different things

smart idea 3: Different people do their best in different working environment

smart idea 4: Solitude fuels creativity

smart idea 5: Introverts can also be a great leader

Extroverts tend to be born with an outgoing personality, that is –
1. They can make friends easily.
2. They can speak confidently in front of a large audience.
3. They can think fast about something.

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