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Nick Vujicic Unbelievable Motivational Life Story


Nick Vujicic Unbelievable Motivational Life Story

Date: 2019-12-04 08:00:09


Motivational Video on real life incidents of Nick Vujicic biography and success story

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Nick Vujicic who is now famous for his inspirational speeches, had born with no arms and no legs. “Oh! I wish I looked nice” “Oh! I wish I could talk smartly” “Oh! I wish at least I had any special talent, then I would also do something great in life”. If we compare ourselves with Nick’s situation then our excuses truly look like jokes! The man who had no arms and no legs right from his birth is now the owner of two companies named “Life without limbs” and “Attitude is altitude” and his current net worth is half million dollars. The most important thing is Nick is now an inspiration for millions of people. Even when we have hands and legs, we take the help of excuse to avoid doing something big in our life and then there is Nick who had never taken the help of excuse in his life. That’s why he is now the inspiration for millions of people.

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