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Indian Diet Plan For Heart Patient

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Indian Diet Plan For Heart Patient

Date: 2020-03-26 04:46:51


दिल के मरीज क्या खाए? कैसी हो heart patients की diet? Diet Chart for heart illness and heart ailments.

In this video, you will see

00:20 – functions of heart / हार्ट के functions
00:47 – Common heart disorder / दिल की बीमारियो के प्रकार .
00:51- High blood pressure diet chart link –
1:06 – High cholesterol issues / coronary artery diseases
1:34 – heart attack / Myocardial infarction
1:52 – congestive heart failure
2:20 – Risks factors for heart disorders
3:20 – Tips to improve heart health and decrease the risk of heart problems
3:35 – best cooking oil for heart health –
4:01 – check your salt intake –
5: 57 – functional foods link –
6: 52 – benefits of sleeping –
7:15 – Indian diet chart for heart patients
10:10 – Print out link –

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