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How to Test Pregnancy with Sugar in Hindi – Pregnancy Test Hindi

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How to Test Pregnancy with Sugar in Hindi – Pregnancy Test Hindi

Date: 2019-06-26 10:08:08


How to Test Pregnancy with Sugar in Hindi – चीनी से प्रेगनेंसी टेस्ट कैसे करे | Pregnancy Test Hindi #Pregnancy_Test_Using_Sugar

is video me aap janege ki sugar se pregnancy test kaise karte hai. agar aap pregnancy test kit nahi le sakti to ghar par hi sugar yani chini se pregnancy test kar sakti hai.

You will need a few household items in order to perform this test:

*White sugar
*A clean sterilized bowl
*First-morning urine

If the reaction is positive, you will be able to witness the following response. After combining sugar and urine in the container, if the sugar didn’t change its structure and clump together at the bottom, then, as we mentioned before, there is an HCG hormone in your body. So, you can happily conclude that you are pregnant.

If the reaction is negative, you will understand it by the following response. When you add sugar to your urine, it probably would dissolve just like in hot water, for a reason, there is no HCG hormone in it, and no reaction has occurred. So, you would be able to conclude that you are not pregnant.

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