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Date: 2020-05-12 07:00:00


Motivational Video on the topic ‘HOW TO TALK TO ANYONE’ motivation

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“What should I say? Oh God! Why can’t I think of anything? It feels like every second is passing like an hour”, Many times what happens is when we start talking with a stranger, after saying just hi hello we just get completely blanked out. What should I say next? There seems to be no clue at all. As a result, we have to face an awkward silence.
But after watching today’s video you will never have to worry about how should you start talking with a stranger or what should you talk about with him or her. So you will never have to face those awkward silence again in your life. Because in today’s video I am going to share with you the step by step process in details that how you can cleverly continue a conversation for a long time with any person. There are total 5 steps, among which the 5th step is the most important one. So if you want to take your communication skill to the next level then you must have to watch the video till the end. So let’s get started,

step 1: Make eye contact before you approach

step 2: Examine the person’s body language

step 3: Make a general humorous comment on the situation

step 4: Share something about yourself

step 5: Use CAN method to ask some open-ended question

Now if you think she may be interested in talking with you then the next step is to pass a general humorous comment on the situation. Then share something about yourself with her. After that, if she just replies in one word like “oh” “hmm”, then understand you have made a mistake in reading her body language and eye contact. So excuse yourself from there. But if she starts talking with you then the final step is to ask her some open-ended question using CAN method. CAN stands for Compliment, Advice and Notion.

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