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How to Say Goodbye to Your Job and Retire Today Playing with FIRE Book Summary by Scott Rieckens

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How to Say Goodbye to Your Job and Retire Today Playing with FIRE Book Summary by Scott Rieckens

Date: 2020-09-25 18:30:01


Playing with FIRE:

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In this video of “Playing with FIRE Book Summary by Scott Rieckens” you will get a short overview of Scott Rieckens’s latest book Playing with FIRE

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Every day you are waking up with the cracking sound of your alarm clock, then having breakfast in a hurry you leave for your office to reach on time. After that, you spend your whole day doing work that you hate to do. And finally, in the evening you return home from the office being completely exhausted. I want to ask you, why are you doing this? The answer is simple, to earn money. Why do you want to earn money? So that you can live a comfortable life. Now if you notice carefully, ultimately you are earning money to live happily. But the work that you have to do to earn money, is diminishing happiness from your life. So currently you are trapped in a paradox.

But if today your financial independence score is Rs 4000, but your monthly expense is Rs 30000 then first of all you have to identify the non-essential expenses that you currently have and remove those to be able to save more money. So that your financial independence score becomes enough more than your monthly expense as soon as possible and you can stop working for money and start working out of love & passion and live a happy life.
You just have to calculate your net cash balance at the beginning of every month and find out your financial independence score that is 0.4% of your net cash balance. And then plan your monthly budget accordingly so that your monthly expense limit remains below your financial independence score.

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