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How to Increase Concentration Power Deep Work by Cal Newport summary

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How to Increase Concentration Power Deep Work by Cal Newport summary

Date: 2020-05-12 07:00:00


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To memorize an answer Buddhuram takes 2 hours whereas the same question is memorized by Chalak Chetan in only 30 min. So why it is so? According to the book Deep Work, written by Georgetown University’s Professor Cal Newport, who had completed his PhD in computer science from MIT, the main reason is the way Buddhuram memorize the answer is called shallow work and on the other hand the way Chalak Chetan memorize is called Deep Work.

So what is this Shallow Work or Deep Work? Shallow work is when we try to do multitasking. Like along with studying if we continue chatting with our friends on, or have some snacks, or may be get up in every 10 min to drink water or to go to the bathroom then that is called shallow work. On the other side, if we give our complete attention to the one only task that we are currently doing, getting completely disconnected from all kinds of distraction then that is called Deep Work.

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