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How to Fix Lower Back Pain , Yatinder Singh


How to Fix Lower Back Pain , Yatinder Singh

Date: 2020-06-12 12:30:09


Out of 10 people, 2 people have lower back pain due to injury but 8 would have it because of some common reasons such as wrong posture, weak core muscles, tight hamstring and glute muscles, lack of flexibility, and imbalanced left and right side of the body.

Therefore 8 exercises have been explained in this video which will increase flexibility, helps in muscle strengthening because of which body posture will become better. It will only take 10 minutes to perform these exercises and you can perform them anywhere. Here are the exercises:

1) Wall Slides – 15 reps
2) Standing Hip Extension and Abduction – 15 reps with each leg
3) Kneeling Hip Flexor – 10-12 reps with each leg
4) Cobra Pose – 10-12 reps
5) Cat and Camel – 10-12 reps
6) Kneeling Superman – 20 reps
7) Lying Hyperextension – 15 reps
8) Glute Bridge – 15 reps

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