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How To Choose Career Using Japanese Ikigai Formula

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How To Choose Career Using Japanese Ikigai Formula

Date: 2019-09-21 12:14:39


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Whether a person does any job or business or he is self-employed, on an average a person has to work 8 hours per day. So whatever profession you choose today, you will be investing 1/3rd of your life in that. Such a huge investment! Your whole life is going to be shaped by this one decision. Will you be happy? Or will you be frustrated about your life? So isn’t it necessary to be confirmed about the correctness of the decision before taking it? Now, how can you know that? This is what I am going to share with you in this video.

There is a 1000 years old Japanese concept, called “Ikigai”. The origin of this concept is believed to be on Okinawa island of Japan.

. As you can see, here are 4 big circles. Among these, the yellow one represents what you love to do. And the green one represents what you are good at, then this sky colour circle represents what you can be paid for and the pink one represents what the world needs.

Now, the works which you love to do and are good at doing can be called your passion.

Then the works which you are good at and also you can be paid for can be called your profession.

Then the works for which you can be paid for and the world need it, can be called your vocation.

And finally, the works which are needed for this world and if you love to do that can be called your mission.

So whatever career you are planning to choose, first take an Ikigai test of the same. Just ask these 4 questions to yourself and answer them honestly.
1. Do I love to do that work?
2. Am I good at it?
3. Can I get paid for this?
4. Is there any need for this work in this world?

Only if for all the 4 questions you get a straight forward answer “yes”, then only you can consider it as your Ikigai. Otherwise, if you get an answer as “No” for any of these questions then you can’t consider that work as your Ikigai.

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