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Home remedies for indigestion and gas

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Home remedies for indigestion and gas

Date: 2020-01-15 06:26:39


पाइये अपच और गॅस से तुरंत आराम. Instant relief from indigestion, gas and bloating. when we eat spicy, fried and tasty food we may face gas and indigestion issues. Gas and indigestion are also indicative of an upset stomach.

Timestamps in the video
0:30 – Causes of gas and indigestion / गॅस होने के कारण
1:09 – Basic tips to avoid indigestion and gas / हमेशा ही गॅस रहती हे , तो इन नुसको को अपनैइए
1:39 – Home remedy Ginger / अदरक / Adrak
2:51 – Buttermilk / chaas / छाच
3:32 – Elaichi / cardamom / एलाईची
4:09 – Ajwain/carrom seeds / अजवाइन
4:34 – Cumin seeds / Jeera / जीरा
4:46 – Hing / asafoetida / हींग
5:02 – Walking / टहलना
5: 27 –

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