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Corona virus in India Symptoms, treatment and Precaution in Hindi


Corona virus in India Symptoms, treatment and Precaution in Hindi

Date: 2020-01-31 05:12:19


Novel coronavirus reaches India. Bangalore, Hyderabad, Delhi, Jaipur, and Kerala.
Learn how to protect yourself and your family from deadly Corona Virus.
Corona Virus reaches India! Check this small video on how to prevent the virus from spreading. Share it with your family and friends and spread the word about the precautions that all of us need to take.

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In this video you can find information on

1] What is coronavirus?
2] Causes of Corona Virus?
3] Symptoms of Coronavirus?
4] Treatment of coronavirus infection?
5] Precaution steps of avoiding coronavirus

इस वीडियो मे हम बात कर रहे की करोना वाइरस क्या हे? यह कैसे फैलता हे ? इसके Symptoms क्या हे. और इससे बचाने के उपाय क्या हे.

करोना वाइरस के बारे मे सारी जानकारी. India मे करोना वाइरस का पहला केस दर्ज !

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