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Best Oil for cooking in India Which oil is Best for Health


Best Oil for cooking in India Which oil is Best for Health

Date: 2019-12-29 06:13:04


Choose the best oil for High cholesterol, Fatty liver, triglycerides, Thyroid, PCOD, Other medical conditions. This video talks about the 5 important criteria that you should consider while buying healthy oil for you and your family.

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This video talks about
► 1:08 – The 5 important criteria for choosing a good healthy oil.
► 2:05 – Extraction methods
► 2:18 – Refined oils details
► 2:58 – Filtered oil details
► 3:30 – Hydrogenated fat
► 4:14- Cold-pressed oils details
► 4:49 – virgin / extra virgin / pure / light olive oil
► 6:00 – smoke point of the oil. Why olive oil can be bad for cooking?
► 7:19 – Composition of oil. MUFA : PUFA : SATURATED FATS details. and effects on the heart.
► 8:49 – Hormonal status and selection of Oil
► 9:27 – Cost of oil is important.

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