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5 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself

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5 Things You Should Always Keep To Yourself

Date: 2020-05-13 08:00:05


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How many times had it happened to you that you started jogging regularly every morning and then suddenly one day you met with one of your friends and told him that “You know, I am now jogging every morning. I am going to lose 5 kg weight within the next month”, and then your friend told you, “Hey that’s great! I had also tried many times to continue jogging every morning, but every time after 2 or 3 days I couldn’t continue anymore”. And then after 2 or 3 days of this conversation, for some unknown reason, you also couldn’t continue jogging. Do you know why this happens?
Research shows that when we talk about our future goals with someone, right from that moment we start to feel one kind of satisfaction and proud feeling inside us, which is very much similar to when we achieve our goals. That’s why after telling somebody about our future goals when we have that feeling, it slowly kills the hunger in us to actually achieve it. So, we stop putting effort in that direction. Psychologists call this phenomenon “Social Reality”. So you should only share your goals with others after you successfully achieve them. And also after telling everybody if you get failed to achieve those goals, then there will be many lips waiting to criticize you.

smart idea 1: Never share your future goals

smart idea 2: Never share your financial situation

smart idea 3: Never share any weakness or secret

smart idea 4: Never share personal conflicts

smart idea 5: Never share negative judgements

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